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About Us

Italtex has been the leading Italian studio publishing Fabric Trend Books since 1959 and is based in Biella, the famous Italian capital of high-end menswear fabrics. The trend books, its core business, show the latest fashion trends on colors, materials, yarns, weaves, patterns and finishes for apparel fabrics.  They are created by a team of professionals working constantly to find out the most important news, discover a new trend before it becomes so, analyze the customer’s needs and the market requirements, exchange information with fiber, yarn or fabric manufacturers. The range of publications focus on men’s, women’s, casual wear, as well as shirting and knits. Additionally, it is renowned for the wide range of technical publications it has been publishing for the last thirty years thanks to the immense archives built over the time.

The company is ruled by Gianfranco Gremmo, President and founder, and his daughter Cinzia, whose main focus is marketing and sales.
Designers and stylists are with Mr. Gremmo the creative team always tuned on fashion trends and striving to present them in the best possible way.
Simone takes care of the administrative office.
Marica leads the graphic department.
Mauro and Ornella transform the trend into actual books.